K-12 STEM Education that is Open, Accessible and Affordable

With a variety of sensors, probes and an open Mantis™ platform, we bring STEM experiments and lessons to the K-12 student. Curriculum is included with each kit. If you like, we can even provide curriculum that is aligned with core standards.

STEM jobs will grow almost twice as fast as any other profession. The U.S. will have over 1 million jobs by 2018 in STEM fields but only 16% of the degrees awarded to U.S. college students will be in STEM specializations. U.S. Bureau of Statistics
So let’s build that million person workforce by starting kids early.

Why Mantis?


Our kits are designed for your classroom, wherever it is located. Our platform and sensors are open so we can read most competitors’ probes. Our platform is also programmable, interfacing with various coding languages.


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