HipScience prepares for the STEM for All initiative with a visit to the White House Science Fair

In response to President Obama’s call to make STEM education available to all, and as part of the 6th White House Science Fair kickoff, HipScience, LLC is announcing its STEM Advantage Program. During 2016, HipScience will make their Mantis STEM kits (sensor and associated curriculum) available to at least 75 U.S. schools via both direct donations and through donations made by their customer, sponsor, and backer network…..Read more

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Tech sensors at Year Up Greater Atlanta Technology FAIR 2016

Mantis displayed its sensors at Year Up Greater Atlanta Technology FAIR 2016. 

MantisOpenSTEM displayed its STEM sensors at Year Up Greater Atlanta Technology FAIR 2016 on Friday, December 16th, 2016. This exhibit was presented by Microsoft and Sciberus and hosted a range of innovative companies including MySTEMKits. Representatives from MantisOpenStem, including CEO Laron Walker, interacted with the eager minds at Year Up. The event was the first of its kind at Year Up, organized by Raphael Gentry their Business Communications Instructor.

Year Up Greater Atlanta provides young apprentices with a one-year, intensive training program that provides low-income young adults, ages 18-24, with a combination of hands-on skills development, coursework eligible for college credit, corporate internships, and wraparound support. A live demo was conducted with the Climate Sensor, Sensor Wand and Force Motion Sensor from the MantisOpenSTEM product line. Through lead and open-ended inquiries students who visited the booth engaged in dialogue regarding the importance of modeling, designing, and problem-solving.

You can tell the amount of knowledge that was bestowed on the students based on questions presented and application of how they saw the merge between our service offerings and products along with their current track. Michael Smith a student in the Quality Assurance/Programming track stated that he “appreciated learning different technology-based ideas and different things that are new to us.” Lonnie Jackson summed up why this collaboration was both necessary and important. As the Project Manager Consultant, Jackson provided his analysis stating “One of the key things I look at is all the different people brought together and different aspects of technology and being able to bring that to the students. Our generation, not just the students but also technology, and being able to merge the two is a dynamic success!”

Displays at the Tech Fair included coding, robotics, sensor technology, 3D printing, 3D gaming, and 3D modeling. Dialogue about our sensor technology help to stress the point of how interconnected technology is in this day and age. By devoting time, MantisOpenSTEM is confident that avenues of creativity were opened that the students might have doubted existed.

If you want to learn more about Year Up please visit https://www.yearup.org.


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Interactive Robotics during The King Center’s Camp NOW

Mantis offered an exciting way to engage the young leader’s of Camp N.O.W. (Nonviolence Opportunity Watch).

MantisOpenSTEM extended its STEM Immersion Workshops to feature a special innovative session at The Martin Luther King Center’s Camp N.O.W. last week. Mantis STEM gave a special presentation regarding robotics and 3D printing. In a program that sets out to build tomorrow’s innovator, Camp N.O.W. (Nonviolence Opportunity Watch) integrates best practices in the…..Read more

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Mantis Robots invade Sandy Springs classroom

Garnering the Support of Educators & the Attention of Press with Mantis STEM Immersion Workshops

“These activities were aligned to the focus that Camp PAWS strives for. Not only were students were engaged in hands-on learning & technology, but they got to see first hand that they what can use & create using technology. Students were able to get a deeper understanding of the real world & make connections to the curriculum through these experiences.”…..Read more

School Contact:
Josephine Calhoun
4th Grade Teacher

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STEM Camp Students Race to Mars at Pleasant Grove

Pleasant Grove Elementary STEM Camp Students Race to Mars

Through one of their summer STEM Immersion workshops held on June 15, MantisOpenSTEM had the opportunity to interact with Pleasant Grove Elementary School students who were enrolled in the PGE STEM CAMP. To maximize the experience, the workshop was divided into two rooms with stem stations located inside each room. Each station provided specific details about the inner workings of tools that can be used regularly to engage students and encourage digital problem solving.

The Mars Exploration room housed the robotics and the 3D printer stations. At the 3D printer station, a live demo was conducted using the Dremel 3D printer. Read more

Featured Article: https://www.prlog.org/12569035-pleasant-grove-elementary-stem-camp-students-race-to-mars.html

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Hydroponics at ATDC Startup Showcase

Curiosity Ignited as MantisOpenSTEM Leads in Hydroponics at ATDC Startup Showcase

The ATDC (Advanced Technology Development Center) in Atlanta, Georgia recently hosted a technology startup conference open to growing ATDC affiliated companies. On a floor open to investors, corporate partners, entrepreneurs, research developers, and the general public, MantisOpenSTEM held its own in a space highlighting the innovations of top tier companies. An attentive crowd gathered around HipScience’s educational brand: Mantis. The display allowed visitors to interact with the extensive product line first hand. In addition to sensors and probes designed for any K-12 classroom setting, MantisOpenSTEM unveiled its new hydroponics project. Investors imagined how these every day parts from local home improvement stores could expose students to hydroponics in the classroom and teach lessons that extend outside of agriculture. Agencies are using this technology in order to solve problems related to economics, hunger, and climate change. For instance, NASA is using studies in hydroponics to build a food supply in space. More…


Featured Article: https://www.prlog.org/12556272-curiosity-ignited-as-mantisopenstem-leads-in-hydroponics-at-atdc-startup-showcase.html

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First STEM Advantage Donation Recipient

MantisOpenSTEM Announces North Clayton Middle School as the First STEM Advantage Donation Recipient

MantisOpenSTEM proudly announces its groundbreaking step forward in the White House STEM for All initiative. In April, MantisOpenSTEM affiliate and Tripoint Media CEO, Kesha LeNoir Fairman visited the White House Science Fair to be on-hand for the announcement of the new batch of STEM commitments being made by a diverse group of public and private organizations. It was the first step in MantisOpenSTEM confirming their commitment to the White House, while witnessing a truly inspirational event that closed with President Obama’s speech on the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) curriculum in America.

Through its MantisOpenSTEM brand, HipScience, LLC is enthusiastically rising to the President’s challenge to engage all K-12 schoolchildren in STEM concepts and activities by launching their Mantis STEM Advantage program. The program allows schools across the nation to be nominated for a chance to overcome obstacles such as a lack of resources or funding. When schools exceed the nomination requirement and become eligible to receive donations, they have the option to work with MantisOpenSTEM, becoming ambassadors to help crowdsource attention to the worthwhile campaign and ultimately receive STEM equipment.

Mantis did not have to wait long and watched as their program quickly gained traction. Metro Atlanta’s North Clayton Middle School (NCMS) immediately recognized and seized the opportunity. NCMS was the first school to be added to the donation list. MantisOpenSTEM acknowledged their enthusiasm by reaching out to their Principal, Shakira Rice, to arrange a visit. More…


Featured Article: https://www.prlog.org/12563182-mantisopenstem-announces-north-clayton-middle-school-as-the-first-stem-advantage-donation-recipient.html

First STEM Advantage Donation Recipient
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STEM Stations at Venetian Hills for Scratch Day

Mantis Organizes STEM Stations at Venetian Hills for Scratch Day

To celebrate Scratch Day, MantisOpenSTEM mentors used STEM stations to give students hands-on experience with the Mantis STEM product line and provide experience with real world activities. STEM stands for (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math).

MantisOpenSTEM.com decided that it was not enough to just launch their STEM Advantage Program last April in response to the White House STEM for All Initiative. As the STEM Advantage program rolls out and collaborations with participating schools begins, educators are recognizing and expressing the importance of providing their students with Mantis STEM Sensors and Probes. In the past, partnerships with companies and institutions such as Microsoft, Florida State University, Websmith Group, and more, allowed MantisOpenSTEM.com to facilitate interactions with students and their Mantis Sensors and STEM curriculum. MantisOpenSTEM.com has been strategizing to develop a model that will deliver STEM Immersion workshops in the hopes of building sustainable community relationships and reaching kids that might not otherwise be exposed to an engaging and real-world STEM experience.

Scratch Day was the perfect event to try out their new STEM workshop model which involves creating multiple STEM stations. Last month, Principal Diamond Jack, along with STEM Teachers at Venetian Hills Elementary, welcomed MantisOpenSTEM to conduct their very first Scratch Day event. The event was among 659 Scratch Day events held this year across 74 countries. The Mantis team worked diligently to create an atmosphere that introduces students to STEM professions through experiments, coding, and digital problem solving. To prove how easily compatible Mantis devices are with other platforms, one of the Mantis team members developed Scratch games to coincide with various lessons. The workshop exercises use Scratch because it works perfectly with Mantis open platform devices. Mantis team member Kariless Chandler created the game because she knew that it would be “interactive and fun for students”.

On a mission to provide examples of how MantisOpenSTEM can reach schools in communities who may lack these resources, the Mantis STEM Immersion Workshop showcases a full line of sensors and probes designed for classroom integration. Groups of fourth and fifth graders experienced a live Scratch coding session using the first generation climate sensors. Students used everyday objects to cover the sensor and measure the incoming light. The intensity of the light made the Scratch shape grow and shrink. Then students shifted gears, ready to race they used light to determine the speed of the car. Using the directional pad, in addition to adjusting the light intensity, students’ cars made laps and avoided the coded rock obstacles.

Also, there to film the day’s events, was TriPoint Media’s, Kesha Fairman, and her student film and production team. Whenever possible, MantisOpenSTEM and TriPoint team up at these events to make it an all-encompassing experience for students. On hand at the event were sophomore and junior students from North Atlanta High School to film the Scratch Day activities, allowing MantisOpenSTEM to share on social media and also to review reactions to the various stations, gathering invaluable feedback to strengthen their workshops.

The day was concluded with a review to assess what students learned. A fourth grade student introduced himself while participating in the review segment and said: “my favorite thing to do in STEM is to program robots.” He was clearly inspired by watching the 3D printer along with the Mantis Rover in action. One student exclaimed that “I learned that you can use technology to build anything!”

Mantis is planning their STEM Immersion Workshop strategy with hopes to make this a free program with community sponsorships. If interested in learning more about Mantis STEM workshops, follow @MantisSTEM on Twitter or like MantisSTEM on facebook.

STEM Stations at Venetian Hills for Scratch Day
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Mantis Showcases Sensor Integration at ASCD

The Mantis™ and MyStemKits™teams joined forces at ASCD in Atlanta, GA to show off the integration of their Mantis™ sensors into the 3D printable STEM Kits.

At the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development Conference 2016, Mantis joined MyStemKits.com to exhibit their STEM sensors and library of 3D-printable kits all designed for K-12 education. By combining the Mantis sensors with 3D printable housings, parts and curriculum, students will experience…..Read more

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Mantis Participates in Tech Square Job Fair

Mantis recruits for Cross Functional Team to join in Innovative STEM education think tank.

Enthused to meet face-to-face with some of the best students attending Georgia Technical Institute of Technology, members representing the Mantis brand of HipScience,LLC. attended the Tech Square Job Fair held March 31. 400 students made their way around the venue talking with over….Read more[/vc_column_text]

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The Official STEM Education Mantis Blog Posts

Molding Our Future!

Posted by: Q. Demond

Date: 2016-04-25

How do we make tomorrow better?

To make tomorrow better, we must start by taking all that is good today and infuse them with the innocence and creativity of our youth, in turn, we will produce wonders for generations to come. To ensure that we played our role, on March 31st, we participated in a Georgia Tech University career fair hosted at The Garage.

We set out on a mission to connect ourselves with the Georgia Tech community and possibly attract fresh and bright individuals that like us, were not only passionate about technology but just as passionate about how it could influence greatness in our youth through education. Brilliant in their own rights, over 150 talented students and alums were thoroughly impressed with the concepts and applications we had on display and were attracted to presentations of our work with STEM education and embedded sensor technology. Through this exchange, we not only built a strong relationship with the Georgia Tech community, but we also generated an excitement that possibly could motivate the next wave of techies that will make our lives and the lives of those that follow us, a lot more practical, a lot less stressful, and a lot more enjoyable.

So once again I ask, how do we make tomorrow better? It’s simple, we make tomorrow better by equipping our youth with critical thinking tools, preparing them for adverse situations, and entrusting them with the authority to make the decisions that will one day define life for not only themselves but for all mankind. Join us on our quest to mold our future.

A Millennial’s ROI

Posted by: E. McCullough

Date: 2016-04-21

As a millennial, it is all about ROI.

An investment that every millennial envisions is our dedication to our employer. We love the place in which we choose to work because our work environments provide us with a sense of pride. It is equally important to us to be leaders in innovation as it is to ignite the catalyst for change in our communities.

When identifying the company that fits the mold, a service model has to be ingrained into the fabric of the company. Back in 2013, my selection was solidified as interns were able to craft theirs on the service project in our parent company.

On June 26, 2013, at the Ottley Campus in Atlanta, our Sciberus Interns supported Open Hand’s mission to serve free, healthy meals to Georgians suffering from chronic or terminal disease/illnesses.  Five interns along with the volunteer coordinator were tasked to portion food into individual containers, package each meal with a heat-sealing machine and place labels on every container to display its nutritional value. The menu for the day was honey lemon chicken, macaroni and cheese, asparagus and picked peaches.

The result of interns giving back to the Community at Open Hand in Atlanta produced a total of 1,544 meals that was delivered to 19 counties in Georgia. The fulfillment of being able to serve the community was a lasting one. It inspired the desire to transfer service learning into a growth model that could be embraced when working with various projects.

I have the pleasure of working at a company that will change the dialogue and the landscape of STEM Education.  Now we are thrilled to be in the community inspiring youth and connecting with educators. Our community page highlights only a portion of our energies excreted to accomplish our commitment to the industry. Philanthropic efforts are intricate in our strategies to deliver on our promise to the students of the future. When identifying company culture I have a true sense of belonging, being able to serve is the best return on investment.


Posted by: B. Porter

Date: 2016-04-13

We are so excited!  Buzzing around like bees.

A few days ago, I commented on the amazing stories coming from the White House Science Fair.  The exploratory trek that led us to the Science Fair posting also led us to the STEM for All blog post by the US Chief Technology Officer and the Associate Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.  It was a call to organizations to make commitments that would support the goal of delivering STEM education to ALL students.

It was perfect timing.  Our brand managers and marketing staff had been talking for weeks about potential strategies to get our STEM kits into economically disadvantaged schools.  Our CEO, Laron Walker and Hip-Science COO, Marquette Trishaun have been passionate from the get go about giving back to our communities.  More specifically, making STEM education something every kid has the opportunity to experience hands on.  A student won’t know what natural, instinctive talents they may have if they are never exposed to it.

We’ve been donating kits to local schools, workshops and awarding them as prizes.  But donating on a large scale was something we knew had to be done to make a difference.  We had an idea but it that was going to take the involvement of benefactors and sponsors.   We did a trial email run with a few hundred schools.   Not a single response – but seriously, who were we – HipScience is not a household name?

It was only a few days after the trial run as  I was working my way through a “STEM” search that I came across the White House ‘STEM for ALL’ blog entry.  At the bottom was a link to commit our support.  HipScience might not have the clout but if we had the White House program to influence our audience, maybe our program idea would go somewhere.   (Not to mention, ideas for more programs were already percolating.)  So, I clicked and here we are in yesterday’s White House Science Fair press release.

The press release mentions the many organizations that committed their support and a summary of their commitments.  As for our company, we will be providing at least 75 Mantis STEM kits (sensor and curriculum) to schools nationwide.  We hope that we will far exceed that goal.  Proud and eager are we, to be an active part of this program throughout 2016.  Trust us, the commitment will not end there – we will just come up with fresh ideas.

We are kicking off the first of our programs as we set out to fulfill our commitment to the White House by announcing our Stem Advantage program.  The program will allow the public to nominate schools (preferably economically disadvantaged schools) and STEM camps to be on a recipient list.  Any nominee that garners 25 nominations will make the list which will appear on our website, crowdfunding pages, and in promotional communications where we will ask our sponsors, customers, backers, employees, nominators and visitors to help us meet our White House Commitment by donating one or more of our STEM kits to anyone on the list.  We are hoping that communities will come together to make this happen, whether it be PTA’s, local businesses, foundations and non-profits, or just individuals who see the value in exposing kids to interactive learning with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

You can learn more about the Stem for All program announcement as well as our STEM Advantages program in our press release issued today in tandem with yesterday’s White House press release.

Why Did We Invest in STEM Education?

Posted by: B. Porter

Date: 2016-04-13

Well, answering that question today, of all days, is easy.  I can give you 39 reasons.

Each one is an exhibit at the White House Science Fair today.   These inspiring and incredible innovators range in ages from 9 to 20 and all have accomplished things I could have never imagined when I was in high school and most certainly not when I was in grade school.

We are so excited about this upcoming event.  These individuals validate the path that we, as a company, chose and the programs that we are creating around the STEM initiative.  A week or so ago, I happened on the videos from the previous five White House Science Fairs and was fascinated by the exhibits.

Each of these kids had an experience or exposure that created a moment.  That moment transformed into an idea – to make something better or solve a problem.  It was a seed planted inside – maybe an individual, maybe a collaboration.  Anyway, I’d like to think that seed was nurtured along the way by family, peers, teachers and community.  Regardless, each of these 39 exhibits is evidence that they pursued and took that idea to something great.

But it wasn’t just about the exhibit, the tangible accomplishment.  Watching these students as they presented, there was so much more.  These kids showed composure and passion about what they were presenting; none of them a flash in the pan.  They were and I presume, still are, into their project.  All that encouragement along the way led to confidence, a belief in self.  They are awesome, inspiring individuals.

The Science Fair videos are proof that the choice made by this company’s leadership a few years ago to pursue STEM as a direction for a line of K-12 offerings was the right choice.   Through our STEM products, we can help setup that moment and provide the exposure that plants a seed.  A student participating in one of our lessons or experiment might just make a connection to a personal challenge.  Or maybe they are just curious.  Either way, the experience might just make them wonder ‘what if’ and open doors.

Stay tuned.  As announced at today’s White House Science Fair, HipScience will be kicking off our STEM Advantages program that represents our commitment to support the White House STEM for All initiative.  Details will be in our press release and blog later today.

Where Do We Start?

Posted by: B. Porter

Date: 2016-04-11

Starting is the hardest part.

As a company, we’ve been putting together our 2016 marketing and communications strategy and for months, we’ve been executing the social media plan, exhibiting at events, visiting schools, and issuing press releases.

But there was this one item that just kept moving down the ToDo list and that was the company blog. We all had great ideas of what we wanted to share – our thoughts about the advantages of STEM education, the details and trials of bringing a sensor from conception to student, what goes into a STEM kit, and more particulars about each of our divisions and brands. We, at least, agreed that we would have a diverse set of bloggers covering events, topics, and each of our brands.

They were ideas. They were captured in the tracking system but those ideas were just not quite making that jump to actually becoming the company blog. I’m not sure what it is – is it that a blog is more ‘personal’ than writing a press release? Or maybe it’s the commitment deterrent, a fear that we will run out of ideas. I can attest to the fact that there is never, ever a shortage of new ideas around here.

So enough of the stalling, it starts here. We have an action-packed week coming up with some great things happening around the company and across the brands. MyStemKits and Mantis just came from some great exhibition events – Palm Beach Tech Conference, ASCD 2016, Tech Square Job Fair. We are journaling our progress as Hip-Science designs and engineers our first hydroponics prototype. The White House Science Fair (#WHScienceFair) is this week and there is a lot to crow about there. MyStemKits.com is about to unveil their new subscription based portal in the next few weeks. Mantis will be launching an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund mass production of the new Mantis Climate Sensor. Someone is sure to tell me I left something off the list …but they can just blog about it.

Onward – the blog starts here!

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Websmith Student Innovation Program with ECPI University

Team Omnipotense Develops an App for our Open Platform Climate Sensor

The Richmond/Innsbrook campus of ECPI University, Mantis Stem and Websmith Group teamed up to provide students with real-world experience in developing a mobile application project.

Students were split into two competing teams and had 5 weeks to develop a mobile application which integrates with the Mantis Platform Climate Sensors hardware…Read more

Websmith 2016  (3)
Websmith 2016  (2)
Websmith 2016  (5)
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Microsoft’s YouthSpark: Houston at Chavez High School

STEM Students Mentored by HipScience

Students get hands-on experience with new Mantis Climate Sensor at Microsoft’s ‘Youthspark Live’ Event. Students took advantage of HipScience climate sensor’s open platform to code and chart climate variables using MS Surface Tablets.

HipScience organization spent a Saturday with STEM students at the Microsoft YouthSpark Hack4Innovation event on February 27th, 2016 at HISD’s Chavez High School. This event was designed to bring together sponsor Microsoft, a host of partners, and more than 1000 students to participate in various interactive STEM activities from game and app coding to Robotics, and Engineering challenges. The HipScience activities were focused on exposing the kids to higher level programming concepts using SCRATCH, explaining connected devices and IOT, and relating how they can leverage the Cloud to solve problems…Read more

MSYouthSParkHouston_1 (3)
MSYouthSParkHouston_1 (2)
MSYouthSParkHouston_1 (4)
MSYouthSParkHouston_1 (1)
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An innovative approach to STEM by Decatur’s McNair Academy

Decatur School Uses Fish Poop To Grow Interest In STEM Fields

Researchers say the United States is short on students who are pursuing science, technology, engineering and math careers – the group of subjects known as STEM. And educators worry that even fewer students from minority and low-income backgrounds are receiving a high-quality STEM education.

At the McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Decatur, principal Brian Bolden is hoping to use fish to change that trend…Read more 

This story is part of American Graduate, Let’s Make it Happen, a public media initiative made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

“Affluent school districts, they have every resource they need to have access to,” Walker said. “The major companies in this space drive their products based on prices. So if you get into other school districts in poor communities, they can’t afford access to this technology. So since kids are not able to see it in use, they don’t know it exists. They’re using antiquated methods, which makes them think these STEM-related careers are boring.” ~ Laron Walker

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Technology Avenue sponsored by UPS & ATDC

On March 1, 2016, HipScience enthusiastically presented their vision for STEM education and how we are helping to build the workforce of tomorrow. UPS will be looking for future generation engineers and technologists and HipScience is developing devices to get kids excited about science, technology, engineering and math.

The ATDC Industry Connect – UPS Marketing Event was held at the Georgia Aquarium and UPS executives were on hand to hear from 10 up and coming Georgia companies. The event was a great success and generated new product awareness and interest.

UPS_0209 (3)
UPS_0209 (4)
UPS_0209 (2)
UPS_0209 (5)
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DigiGirlz Day exposes girls to high-tech career aspirations

HipScience introduces DigiGirlz to Mantis™ STEM probes and sensors.

Another of the Microsoft YouthSpark programs, DigiGirlz, is designed to provide high school girls with a better understanding of what a career in technology means.

Laron Walker, CEO of HipScience, LLC was on hand to introduce the girls to some of the Mantis products, and how the electronic devices can make learning relevant to real-life job scenarios. One of the products demonstrated, the Climate Sensor, showed how they could chart weather indicators. They were also exposed to coding via the Scratch interface that is available when using the Mantis open platform.

Microsoft is proud to offer technology programs that target youth. This one-day event, held at multiple Microsoft locations worldwide, is designed to provide high school girls with a better understanding of what a career in technology is all about.

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Rep. Johnson announces winners of Congressional App Challenge

Local entrepreneur and CEO of Sciberus and Hip-Science was selected to be one of the six judges in the Hank Johnson Inaugural App Challenge.

Rep. Hank Johnson (GA-04) recognized the top three students of his inaugural App Challenge—a competition that encourages U.S. high school students to create their own mobile applications. 

Three Stone Mountain High School students swept the competition…Read more

Rep. Johnson announces winners of Congressional App Challenge
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HipScience & J. Bledsoe inspire young leaders at Harris-Stowe

HipScience Inspires STEM Students at Microsoft’s ‘Youthspark Live’ Event at Harris-Stowes

High School students get hands-on experience with new Mantis Climate Sensor at Microsoft’s ‘Youthspark Live’ Event. Students combined HipScience sensors and probes with programming concepts to chart climate variables using MS Surface Tablets….Read more

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Technologists of Color Hosts an App Showcase


ToC is focused on establishing a community to support and assist in the progression of African Americans in information technology.

Tasnim Shamma a reporter with WABE describes the efforts of Technologists of Color and similar groups who are trying to boost the numbers of engaged minority tech professionals through networking. Members of the group often come up with tech solutions for communities that are being overlooked by larger tech companies.

Several entrepreneurs and technologists showcased their application, company or website to the community to get additional exposure, valuable pitch experience and constructive feedback from the audience. They gathered at Colony Square in midtown Atlanta. More than 50 people attended a showcase of mobile apps.

Among the Pitch speakers Laron Walker was slated to present innovations he is developed for Mantis. His presentation garnered the attention of WABE 90.1 FM’s Tasnim Shamma. While she reports on a range of topics she is on the pulse of STEM developments local to the Atlanta area and abroad.

TOC Public Radio interview at Technologists of Color Event
TOC Presenters
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PUSHTech2020 Winner announced at Morehouse College

HipScience Announced Winner Of Atlanta’s PUSHTech2020 And Microsoft Biz Spark Accelerator

It was an exciting day for 10 hopeful company founders who were given the opportunity to pitch their startup business to an esteemed panel of judges at the Morehouse College Ray Charles Performing Arts center.

The winning company was…Read more

Laron Walker and Lisa Jackson (Apple)
PUSHTech2020 Winner announced at Morehouse College
PUSHTech2020 Winner announced at Morehouse College
PUSHTech2020 Winner announced at Morehouse College
PUSHTech2020 Winner announced at Morehouse College
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MyStemKits™ exhibited at the 2015 Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC) in Orlando. The Conference & Exhibition was held January 20, 2015 through January 23, 2015 at the Orange County Convention Center.

Hannah Olson demonstrated the 3D printable kits that are used to aid in teaching everything from DNA to catapults. Many of the kits were make available to Florida educators.

Involvement was anticipated, close to 11,000 in 2015. The FETC Conference & Exhibition is organized annually and the total number of participants grows every year .

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