SupportCategory: ModiHaving trouble connecting my MODI to the Mantis app
Teresa Perez asked 2 years ago

I’ve tried several times to connect my MODI sensor to the MANTIS app, however, the MODI sensor does not appear on my iPhone as a Bluetooth device.  Additionally, when I try to scan for it to connect, it does not find the MODI device to connect.  Both green and red lights appear on the back of the MODI sensor.  Please advise.

1 Answers
Support Staff answered 2 years ago

How do I connect the MODI to the Mantis app?
If the MODI sensor does not appear on your iPhone as a Bluetooth device. Then try using the LightBlue Explorer app to identify devices that use Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy.

On the MODI sensor the green light indicates that it is on and the red light in the back appears on if it is charging.

In order to pair the device you must press the power button again (double tap) in order to see the red light on the top where it reads “MODI”.

Once you open the app you should see Modi listed as one of the devices. It will say no service once you select the device it will indicate it is paired by listing the blue bars which indicate signal strength,  an assigned number, and “1 Service”.

Now if you entered the Mantis app and click on the Modi you should see where it connects as shown in the below example.


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