SupportCategory: Mantis PlatformHow do I charge my Mantis SIP?
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Charging the Mantis Unit
To Charge the Mantis Unit, you will need the Mantis Unit, the power cord and a power source. The power source can be an outlet or a USB connection.
Step 1 – Locate the charging slot for the Mantis Unit.
Step 2 – Identify the charging end of the power cord.
Step 3 – Plug the charging end of the power cord into the charging slot of the Mantis Unit.
Step 4 – Decide if you will recharge using an outlet or by a USB connection.
             For the wall outlet method:
            Step 4.1 –Plug USB end of the power cord into the outlet adapter.
              For the USB method:
             Step 4.2 –You will use the charging cord without any adapters for the USB configuration.
Step 5 – Plug the charging cord into the appropriate charging method.
      For the wall outlet method:
      Step 5.1 – You will plug the outlet adapter into a wall outlet
     For the USB method:
     Step 5.2 – You will plug the USB end of the charging cord into a USB slot
You will see an illuminated CHG light on the Mantis Unit display if you have plugged the charging cord into your power source correctly. The CHG light lets you know that the Mantis Unit is charging successfully. If you do not see an illuminated CHG light, you may need to check to see if your power source to charge from is providing power. You can charge the Mantis Unit even if it is currently in the ON status.

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