SupportCategory: Mantis AppHow do I find experiments to run?
Curious George asked 3 years ago
1 Answers
mantis Staff answered 3 years ago

How do I find experiments to run?

The Mantis app has many exciting and fun experiments to explore! You can find experiments specific to your needs by Browsing for an experiment.
Finding an Experiment by Browsing-
The first step in finding an experiment is to tap on the Browse or Start your own Experiment tile found on the Mantis app home page.
The next step is to select a Subject by tapping the desired subject.
Mantis will now display the Sub-Subjects and you can select one by tapping on the desired tile.
The final selection to find your experiment is the Grade Level. Tap on a Grade Level and the Mantis app will present you with exciting experiments ready for you to enjoy!
Tap on the experiment that interests you and the Mantis app will present you with the experiment ready to be experienced.

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