SupportCategory: Mantis AppHow do I mark an experiment step as complete?
Support Staff asked 3 years ago
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mantis Staff answered 3 years ago

How do I mark an experiment step as complete?
You might not be able to complete an entire experiment during a session. If you do not complete the entire experiment, one useful tool for reminding you where you left off, is to mark the steps that you have already finished as complete. The visual clue will allow you to start right where you left off. By marking the step complete, you are still able to view and collect data for the step, so do not worry that you will not be able to review what you were able to finish, or refresh your memory on what the experiment was all about!
To mark an experiment step as complete, from the experiment main page, tap the status box in the upper right hand of the step you want to mark complete! You will see a green check mark that lets you know right where you left off in the experiment process. Tap the status box again and the check box will be removed.

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