SupportCategory: Mantis AppHow do I perform an ad-hoc experiment?
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mantis Staff answered 3 years ago

How do I perform an ad-hoc experiment?
One of the most exciting aspects of the Mantis platform is the ability to grab a sensor, start the Mantis app, and begin recording data for any number of real life scenarios.
The first step in starting an ad-hoc experiment is to tap on the Browse or Start your own Experiment tile found on the Mantis app home page.
The next step is to tap the Start my own experiment button.
The Mantis app will present you with a list of the sensors available to use for your ad-hoc experiment. Tap the sensor you would like to use for gathering the information for your experiment.
The Mantis app will connect to the selected sensor you have designated (if you have not turned the sensor on, the Mantis app will search for the unit, and present you with a sensor not found message. Turn your sensor on, and tap the Scan Again button on the not found message, the Mantis app will now attempt to synch with your selected sensor).
The ad-hoc experiment page will be presented with the data streams showing on the left side sensor panel actively displaying sensor data.

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