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How do I perform an ad-hoc experiment with my Mantis SIP?
To use the Mantis sensors you will need to download the Mantis app!
Once you have downloaded the Mantis app, you can follow the instructions below!
One of the most exciting aspects of the Mantis platform is the ability to grab a sensor, start the Mantis app, and begin recording data for any number of real life scenarios.
The first step in starting an ad-hoc experiment is to tap on the Browse or Start your own Experiment tile found on the Mantis app home page.
The next step is to tap the Start my own experiment button.
The Mantis app will present you with a list of the sensors available to use for your ad-hoc experiment. Tap the sensor you would like to use for gathering the information for your experiment.  For this experiment we have decided to use the Mantis SIP.
You can now select the sensor that you would like to use with the Mantis SIP.
Ensure that you have the Mantis SIP on.  If you need help with how to turn the Mantis SIP on, please visit the FAQ for how to turn on my Mantis SIP.
The Mantis app will present you with the pairing screen before you can get started collecting data.  Tap the green pair button located on the main navigation bar.
The Mantis app will now display that the Mantis SIP has been paired and is ready to start displaying data as well as collect the data when you are ready to do so.
The ad-hoc experiment page will be presented with the data streams showing on the left side sensor panel actively displaying sensor data.  You are now ready to use your Mantis SIP!  If you would like to un-pair the device you can simply tap the un-pair button located on the left side of the main navigation bar.
In the event your device does not pair successfully with the Mantis app, the No Device Found screen will be shown.  Make sure you have the Mantis SIP powered on and tap the Scan Again button.  The Mantis app will again scan for your device.  If you still cannot pair to your Mantis SIP, you may want to power everything down and reopen the app and start again.

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