SupportCategory: Force MotionHow do I turn ON my Force Motion Sensor?
Support Staff asked 3 years ago
1 Answers
mantis Staff answered 3 years ago

Powering ON the Force Motion Sensor
To turn the Force Motion Sensor ON, you will need the Force Motion Sensor that has been charged and ball point pen with the cap removed.
Step 1 – Locate the power button for the Force Motion Sensor.  The power button will be on the bottom of the sensor (side opposite of the MANTIS logo).
Step 2 – Depress the power button for one full second using the tip end of a ball point pen.
The Force Motion Sensor will now display a red light inside the sensor, which lets you know the unit is ON and ready to be used. The red light will flash on every 5 seconds when the unit is ON. If the Force Motion Sensor does not power ON, the unit may need to be charged. If the Force Motion Sensor is charged, you may not have depressed the power button for the full one second.

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