SupportCategory: Mantis AppHow do I use the OTA or Over the Air feature to update my sensor’s firmware?
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Updating the Sensor with the OTA (Over the Air) feature
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Occasionally an update to your sensors firmware will need to be performed to keep your sensor running the most recent version. The sensors that may require a firmware upgrade are:

  • Weather Station
  • Force Motion Sensor
  • Mantis Unit
  • Sensor Wand

Some helpful tips before you get started-

  • The update process could be as long as ten minutes, depending on the update content for your sensor
  • Make sure your sensor is either fully charged, or that you have the sensor plugged into a power source (this will prevent you from losing power to the sensor during the update)

You will check for sensor updates by following the steps below:
Step 1 – From the Mantis App Home Page select menu option.
Step 2 – Select the OTA Upgrade option.
Step 3 – Select a sensor to update.
A note about the updates. The Mantis app will search for all devices that you have turned on and near your mobile device. When the Mantis app finds your device(s), it will display them on the OTA Device Upgrade page. Select the sensor to update, and the Mantis app will search for any updates to the firmware for the device. If you do not see a device on the OTA Device Upgrade page that you expected to see, make sure the device is turned on and near your mobile device.
Step 4 – The Mantis app will search for the new update.
Step 5 – The Mantis app will download the new update.
NEW- OTA Downloading Files
Step 6 – The Mantis app will show the progress of installing the new update.
NEW- OTA Upgrading Percent
Step 7 – The Mantis App will show the update as complete and successful.

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