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We have a bold vision for the future of Education.  We agree with President Obama that every classroom, every student should have access to STEM education.  Therefore, HipScience made a commitment to the White House that through our network, we would donate 75 cutting edge STEM Kits to U.S. Schools this year. For details about our Open STEM Advantage Program, click here (STEM For All).   

In our quest to equip classrooms with current, relevant STEM teaching devices, we are making it easy for those who make purchases during our crowdfunding campaign to donate equipment to U.S. schools. Schools receiving more than 25 nominations will be put on the list for donors to select. (Sponsor reserves the right to extend or shorten the contest at their sole discretion.) We also request that you keep within the spirit of the program and nominate schools that are most in need. 

As we ramp up production of our new Climate Sensor, crowd sourcing is key to:

  • Manufacturing devices in high quantity to reduce costs and make it affordable for budget challenged schools.
  • Building curriculum sharing programs
  • Developing the device platform open source and compatible with other software and api’s.

We will notify all nominators via email when the crowdfunding campaign launches so you can incentivize your community to get on board.  All entries (submissions) must be received on or before the time stated during that submission period. At that time, the nominator can unsubscribe and will receive no further communication from MantisOpenSTEM.  Nominators who do not unsubscribe will be added to our newsletter distribution. 

We have taken into account the high cost of learning tools available in today’s educational market and have made it our passion to ensure that the opportunity to teach STEM based curriculum is affordable.

If you would like to learn more about our campaign, visit

About the STEM Advantage Program

Anyone can nominate a US K-12 school or STEM Camp to receive a Mantis STEM sensor and accompanying curriculum. By spreading the word and getting 24 more people to nominate the same school or STEM Camp, they will be placed on the donor recipient list. That list will be presented on the website and social media pages, crowdfunding pages, and certain affiliated shopping cart checkout pages. There, shoppers and donors can select and make a donation of at least 1 kit to any school or camp on the list. Once a school or camp receives a donation, they will be notified and shipping information will be collected. At the end of the campaign, schools that received a donation will be sent their sensor(s), curriculum and training schedule. Nominations are being collected at HipScience will begin taking donations as soon as we have at least one qualified nominee.

Each kit being donated will include one of the Mantis sensors described below along with curriculum specific to the sensor’s purpose. The curriculum will include a lesson or series of lessons authored and vetted by teachers or subject matter experts. There will be an online teacher training session for the donation recipients. The sensors being provided are open platform and programmable so, in addition to advancing proficiency in science, math, and engineering, there is also a coding aspect to these devices and the accompanying curriculum. Some of the sensors that will be included in this program:

Mantis Climate Sensor can provide the student with data related to the temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, UV light, dew point and a new expansion port that will allow additional measurements such as wind speed. Recharging the Climate Sensor can easily be done using the USB charger port.

Mantis Sensor Wand which can host a variety of probes (including competitor probes). The Mantis product line provides a versatile and extensive collection of open-source probes (turbidity, pH, soil moisture, temperature, conductivity) and accessories to collect, store, and display experiment data, whether as part of a curriculum or DIY project. The Mantis Sensor Wand is also compatible with a variety of other manufacturers’ sensors. The Sensor Wand is Bluetooth compatible, and can be charged using the USB charger.

Mantis Force Motion Sensor Kit includes a Mantis Cart and Ramp. The cart houses a force motion sensor and in combination, they can be used to conduct a vast array of activities associated with acceleration, motion, and pressure measurement.

Distribution of the donated STEM equipment and curriculum should be expected to coincide closely with the 2016-17 school year-begin.

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To see a list of previously nominated schools, click STEM Advantage List of Nominees.




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