First STEM Advantage Donation Recipient

MantisOpenSTEM Announces North Clayton Middle School as the First STEM Advantage Donation Recipient

MantisOpenSTEM proudly announces its groundbreaking step forward in the White House STEM for All initiative. In April, MantisOpenSTEM affiliate and Tripoint Media CEO, Kesha LeNoir Fairman visited the White House Science Fair to be on-hand for the announcement of the new batch of STEM commitments being made by a diverse group of public and private organizations. It was the first step in MantisOpenSTEM confirming their commitment to the White House, while witnessing a truly inspirational event that closed with President Obama’s speech on the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) curriculum in America.

Through its MantisOpenSTEM brand, HipScience, LLC is enthusiastically rising to the President’s challenge to engage all K-12 schoolchildren in STEM concepts and activities by launching their Mantis STEM Advantage program. The program allows schools across the nation to be nominated for a chance to overcome obstacles such as a lack of resources or funding. When schools exceed the nomination requirement and become eligible to receive donations, they have the option to work with MantisOpenSTEM, becoming ambassadors to help crowdsource attention to the worthwhile campaign and ultimately receive STEM equipment.

Mantis did not have to wait long and watched as their program quickly gained traction. Metro Atlanta’s North Clayton Middle School (NCMS) immediately recognized and seized the opportunity. NCMS was the first school to be added to the donation list. MantisOpenSTEM acknowledged their enthusiasm by reaching out to their Principal, Shakira Rice, to arrange a visit. More…


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First STEM Advantage Donation Recipient
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