Hydroponics at ATDC Startup Showcase

Curiosity Ignited as MantisOpenSTEM Leads in Hydroponics at ATDC Startup Showcase

The ATDC (Advanced Technology Development Center) in Atlanta, Georgia recently hosted a technology startup conference open to growing ATDC affiliated companies. On a floor open to investors, corporate partners, entrepreneurs, research developers, and the general public, MantisOpenSTEM held its own in a space highlighting the innovations of top tier companies. An attentive crowd gathered around HipScience’s educational brand: Mantis. The display allowed visitors to interact with the extensive product line first hand. In addition to sensors and probes designed for any K-12 classroom setting, MantisOpenSTEM unveiled its new hydroponics project. Investors imagined how these every day parts from local home improvement stores could expose students to hydroponics in the classroom and teach lessons that extend outside of agriculture. Agencies are using this technology in order to solve problems related to economics, hunger, and climate change. For instance, NASA is using studies in hydroponics to build a food supply in space. More…


Featured Article: https://www.prlog.org/12556272-curiosity-ignited-as-mantisopenstem-leads-in-hydroponics-at-atdc-startup-showcase.html

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