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We have an awesome user base, and have some of their questions that have come up while using the Mantis platform, along with detailed answers and steps to assist you!  If you cannot find the specific scenario detailed below, please ask a new question.  Our team will respond back to you and may post your question for future visitors to use.

Step 1- Start typing your question in the “Your Question” box below.  The system will automatically filter existing questions that could be the answer you are looking for.

Step 2- If the question you are asking has already been entered into our database, you can simply click on the question and the answer to your question will be displayed.  If the answer is not what you were looking for, simply click the Back to Questions button, and search again for your specific scenario.

If you do not find any of the existing questions that apply to your specific inquiry, help us make our support library better by asking a new question!  Click the ‘Ask Question’ button and give us the details about your specific question.  Our team will answer your question and may post your question and answer to the support library for our future visitors.

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